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Ensiferum has recorded an new mcd

EnsiferumTyrDeVernieler writes "Ensiferum's new mini-CD "Dragonheads" is completed even down to it's

mastering. spinefarm Records has announced that the release date for

"Dragonheads" is 15.2.2006"

&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Tuesday, January 03 @ 16:33:45 CET
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Theudho announce new album...

TheudhoAnonymous writes "Flemish pagan metal band THEUDHO will release the follow-up to the 2004 critically acclaimed debut album “Treachery” in the first half of 2006 through NEPHEREX, home of such underground acts as WANHOOP, KLUDDE, IRON CLAD, ...

The new material, conceptually based on a yet undisclosed theme in Germanic literature, is currently being recorded at the same facilities where “Treachery” was recorded. Raf, lead guitar player of the Flemish black metal gods ANCIENT RITES, will mix and master the album early 2006

Starting out as a one-man band in 2003 and performing as a two-piece the last year, THEUDHO is proud to announce the arrival of two new members: bassist Filip (GORATH, MAHLSTRØM, P:407) and drummer Joachim (WANHOOP).

Since all slots in the line-up are filled, the band is contemplating on accepting some of the offers they have received to perform live." Please don't forget to visit .

&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Tuesday, January 03 @ 10:22:04 CET
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A Midwinter Night's Dream festival

Concerts & FestivalsAnonymous writes "The year of 2006 will start with a great night of doom and epic metal. On January 14th, the Jaxx Night Club (Springfield, VA) will host A Midwinter Night's Dream, a festival which will bring the following bands:

click 'Read more' for the bandlist and further info"

&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Sunday, December 25 @ 09:43:43 CET
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Waylander - Reawakening Pride Once Lost

WaylanderMidhir Records writes "Waylander will reissue their legendary debut album 'Reawakening Pride Once Lost' through Midhir Records in early January. The album, a long established classic of the pagan/folk metal genre, will be released on CD with two remastered bonus tracks from the band's early demos. Official release date for Europe is 15th Jan, for the USA/Canada is 30th Jan. An LP version will follow shortly. More info:"

&nbspPosted by baardhamer on Friday, December 23 @ 15:05:34 CET
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Yule wishes

GeneralNow it's the time when Frey rides over the earth on his boar, bringing light back to Midgard. Odin crosses the sky and earth on his eight legged horse Sleipnir. Soon the young god Baldr will be reborn. It's the time of the longest nights of the year but also the time of hope. It's the feast of twelve nights, the YULE feast.

We all love the Norse gods, and these stories are a part of our life. Thor, Siph, Loki and all others teach use how to shape our lives. Though some say that they are myths, you can't help but think that there is some truth to all of this.

Celebrating the rebirth of the sun we would like to wish you a great Yule and happy new year. Keep the horns filled with mead and don't forget about a toast for the fallen ones.


&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Wednesday, December 21 @ 17:58:45 CET
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Eluveitie: Recording new album

EluveitieThese days Eluveitie are recording their new album. The full-lenght CD entitled "Spirit" will again be released through Fear Dark Records. The 11 tracks of the album will provide you with furious celtic/pagan metal, like you know it from Eluveitie. But furthermore, new influences are unmistakable. Authentic celtic folk music is fusioned with modern, swedish styled Melodic Death Metal. More info:

&nbspPosted by baardhamer on Saturday, December 17 @ 00:09:44 CET
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New release

BrynjardBrynjard writes "In January 2006 Brynjard will release the last album "Land Behind The Mist". An 14-track full-lenght album, 84 minutes tale of epic things! After the released album, Brynjard will split-up the project and start to play guitar in Varganatt.

For more info:"

&nbspPosted by baardhamer on Tuesday, December 13 @ 13:44:14 CET
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Ancient Rites back in the studio

Ancient Ritesblackmessiah writes "The long wait is finally over : Ancient Rites are heading back to the studio to record the long awaited follow- up to 2001's Dim Carcosa! "

&nbspPosted by hrothgar on Tuesday, December 13 @ 09:41:54 CET
&nbsp(38 reads)
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Thyrfing at Heathen Crusade Fest

Thyrfingkupshi writes "The organizers of the Heathen Crusade Metalfest and the members of THYRFING are happy to announce that Toni Kocmut will be performing several songs with Thyrfing during their set at the Heathen Crusade. For those of you who do not recognize the name, Toni performs the “clean” vocals on Thyrfing's releases. What makes this performance special is that this will be the first time that Toni has ever performed live with Thyrfing. For additional info go to"

&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Monday, December 12 @ 16:15:09 CET
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Belenos: New Album

BelenosMel writes "Finally "Chants de Bataille" new Belenos album will be out in January 2006 on Adipocere records. This new label will also reprint "L'ANCIEN TEMPS" as normal DCD edition.


&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Friday, December 09 @ 18:01:26 CET
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Heathen Crusade

Concerts & FestivalsLevantheon writes "The Heathen Crusade festival is in Columbia Heights, MN on January 21st. This will be Moonsorrow's first American appearance along with both Thyrfing and Primordial. Also as a special treat Lord Typhus will be their with his Black Metal Legions of his Dark Horizon Recods company."

&nbspPosted by baardhamer on Thursday, December 08 @ 20:53:56 CET
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New bands for Ragnarök Festival 3

Concerts & FestivalsAnonymous writes "There are new bands confirmed for german Pagan / Viking / Black Metal Festival RAGNARÖK 3 on 7th and 8th April 2006 in Lichtenfels. Skyforger and Helheim will be on the billing."

&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Wednesday, December 07 @ 17:56:59 CET
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Viking Blood t-shirt

MerchandiseBuy now your Viking Blood t-shirt!
Go to the Viking Blood Market and order your shirt.

&nbspPosted by Baardhamer on Sunday, December 04 @ 23:30:49 CET
&nbsp(29 reads)
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Skyforger to tour Europe

SkyforgerSparky writes "Skyforger will tour Europe from 2nd March 2006 untill 11th March 2006 with two great bands - Månegarm (Sweden) and Goddess Of Desire (The Netherlands). All serious interested parties who wants to have a concert in your town, should write email to: hopkins[at]


&nbspPosted by thyrvald on Sunday, December 04 @ 09:37:06 CET
&nbsp(13 reads)
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Double Album from Helheim

HelheimThe Journeys and Experiences of Death, This is the name of the new album of Helheim which will be released in March 2006 by Dark Essence Records. This album will contain a second cd, which will be titled Helsviti. On this second disc there will be 2 or 3 live track and a video of the song Stones to the Burden (which is also on the album Yersinia Pestis.The Kenyan Vibe, is the ideal place to sample some unique brews.

&nbspPosted by hrothgar on Tuesday, November 29 @ 11:02:27 CET
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